Can dogs eat popcorn?


We know a lot of people wonder “Can my dog eat popcorn?” Can you believe this is among our most frequently asked questions?  The answer is Yes, they can! As long as it’s unsalted, unbuttered, and just a few pieces.

Table scraps, food from our table, and similar “people” foods have become demonized over the last few decades by commercial kibble companies that want you to believe that only their products (processed commercial pebbles of “meat” in a bag or can) are safe and nutritious.  Recent scientific research is now showing that this is simply not true.  In fact, some processed, commercial dog foods have been linked to recalls and toxins (see our videos below).  While there are a few human foods that are off limits for dogs, most are actually nutritious and safe, which is why we choose to make healthy, fresh food for dogs using only USDA certified ingredients fit for humans – the same food you would eat!  Check us out online call (866-726-9509), and switch your loved dog onto our food today!

Popcorn is a cooked corn kernel, a starch and contributes approximately 3.5 kcal (calories) per gram.  Thus, popcorn will add calories to your dogs’ daily allowance, so too much popcorn at one time can be bad.  Furthermore, some kernels don’t ‘pop’, and can cause tooth damage, become lodged in the mouth and cause infections, dental disease, or cause an upset stomach.  So – like with anything else, just a few pieces in moderation, and always be careful, monitor your dog for any problems, and see your vet for regular examinations.

For more information on what you can’t feed your dog and the possible toxins in commercial kibble, please watch these videos featuring Dr. John Tegzes, a board certified veterinary toxicologist and professor at Western University.

Video:  Top Ten Toxins for Dogs

Video:  Use of preservatives in dog food

Video: What foods are toxic for dogs?

About JustFoodForDogs:

At JustFoodForDogs we start with the highest quality, USDA certified, restaurant grade meats, fresh vegetables and whole grains, all of which are approved for human consumption. We cook our homemade food for dogs, puppy foods and dog treats in small batches in our own dog kitchen and dog bakery. This is a critical point as it relates to quality control and commitment. All of our healthy food for dogs recipes are prepared by cooking our all natural ingredients to the minimum allowed temperature in order to preserve the maximum nutritional value. Whole grains and fresh vegetables must be cooked to a very specific point so that nutrients are preserved and a dog’s system can still benefit from the nourishment these healthy dog food ingredients offer.

Our dog kitchens in Newport
 Beach, California and West Hollywood, CA were designed from an 
empty shell with only one purpose in mind- Making the world’s best food for dogs. We didn’t convert some ‘out of business’ restaurant or alter some old catering kitchen, we built our space from scratch, dominated by our dog kitchen, for this sole purpose. Every piece of equipment and its location is strategic to our homemade food for dogs. “Gentle cooking” is not just marketing jargon. Cooking fresh food for dogs to the minimum allowable temperatures is much more difficult than overcooking everything and putting it in a can or a bag, but your dog will benefit greatly from this process. All of the ingredients in our recipes– meats, vegetables, etc. deliver far greater nutritional value when cooked properly. Under cooked and a dog’s system cannot digest the ingredients (which makes them useless). Over cook and there is little or no nutritional value remaining.

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