In addition to making the best possible food for your dog, our goal is to provide the  best possible customer service we can. In our mind it’s all about communication and convenience. We are growing fast and are far from our goal of perfection but behind the scenes we are working hard developing a variety of tools and methods of communications so that we can better serve you, your dog and all of your canine nutritional information needs.

Everyone has their preferred method of communication so we are setting up as many ways as possible for us to connect and communicate with you. We can be reached in person at our kitchen or via phone, email, social networking sites or carrier pigeon (justkidding on that last one). However you choose to connect with us, we will always do our best to assist you. Please visit our JustConnect page for all the details

Over the course of our journey, we have realized many of you have a lot of questions about canine nutrition. We applaud you for your curiosity and interest in this important subject. To that end, our mission includes building the world’s most comprehensive canine nutrition information center. This website is an integral part of that but if you don't find what you're looking for we welcome any and all questions. Our network includes a number of the world's most reknown vets, specialists, professors and academic institutions so if we don't know the answer, we probably know someone who does. Please visit our JustAsk page to learn more.
Many of our customers like to buy our food fresh off the stove. To help everyone know what we’re cooking and when, we post our weekly schedule as well as our daily schedules on our Facebook page. You can also opt in to our weekly cooking schedule newsletter and we'll email the the schedule to you every week.
To make your life easier, we have developed a number of ways to place your order here at JustFoodForDogs. Of course, you can always simply stop into our kitchen and decide right there on the spot but if you’d like to have us prepare your order ahead of time, reserve some food fresh off the stove, or set up a delivery or shipment you can also contact us via phone at 866.726.9509 or send an email to Many of our products are also available for shipment here on our website.
Every day more and more people are opting for our D2D (delivered to your door) service to receive their JustFoodFordogs. It’s a great time saver and we deliver to about a 15 mile radius around our kitchen. For more information on whether or not this option is available to you please visit our JustDeliveryOC or JustDeliveryLA page or simply give us a call.
For those of you who live outside of our local delivery area we ship all of our products just about everywhere in the country. Frozen products are shipped with dry ice so we require those orders to be placed over the phone in order to create the most cost-effective solution for you. All non-frozen products can be ordered right here on our website. For more information about placing an order for shipment please visit our JustShipping page.