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For all of canine history it has always been true that dogs are in danger of overheating with too much exercise as they primarily regulate their body temperature through panting; a natural activity that removes heat by passing cool air over the moist surfaces of the tongue and lungs.

So if people cool off in the Summer with cold drinks and ice cream, what is a dog to do?

The answer? JustFoodForDogs’ “Pupsicles”; tasty, frozen, healthy dog treats that are hand made from all-natural USDA Certified human quality ingredients.

Our Pupsicle dog treats are made fresh in our own custom dog kitchen and are JFFD’s Summer special treat for dogs. There are absolutely no preservatives, no added colors, no by-products or any other additives in these all natural dog treats.

Pupsicles are yogurt based and come in two flavors (Peanut Butter-Banana and Beef) and are available for the summer months only.

Just from you

Dr. Peter Vogel, VMD, DACVS

"My dog, Abigail, packed on the pounds over the last few years. I tried commercial low calorie diets, but she would not eat them, so she was continually hungry. JustFoodForDogs formulated a low calorie, high volume custom diet for her. She loves the food, and the weight came off quickly. It was Jenny Craig for dogs. I highly recommend JustFoodForDogs!"

Dr. Peter Vogel, VMD, DACVS