JustFoodForDogs Opens 4th Dog Kitchen in 4 Years

Less than 4 years after we opened the world’s first dog kitchen in Newport Beach, California, we are opening our 4th just up the coast in Manhattan Beach. The concept is simple, says our partner and Veterinarian, Dr. Oscar Chavez, “We make dogs live longer, healthier lives through the food they eat.” The way the team at JFFD approaches canine nutrition is much the same as society does for people; we use human-quality meats and vegetables but nutritionally balance the recipes for Read more [...]
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The Humanization of Pets – or the Discovery of our Own Humanity?

As I watched a documentary available on Netflix, Nature: Animal Odd Couples, I had a light bulb moment, and I feel compelled to share. In the pet industry, there is a term that never really sat well with me, it’s known as “Pet Humanization.” The industry believes that the reason some people choose premium products that mirror our own standard of living for their pets is because of this phenomenon: Pet Humanization. They say it is our tendency to reflect our needs onto them, and that this Read more [...]
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Los Angeles, CA – Just Food For Dogs has partnered with Western University of Health Sciences to offer a new certification rotation in whole food canine clinical nutrition and formulation as part of the school’s acclaimed veterinary program. There is a growing focus on nutrition among veterinarians at the same time concern regarding the safety and nutritional value of traditional kibble is rising, driving a need for more thorough education in areas of canine nutrition. The new rotation Read more [...]
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Halloween Hazards For Your Dog

This is the season of witches, ghouls, and goblins. While Halloween brings out all the costumes and tricksters, it also creates certain hazards for our pets. In addition weather changes in early Fall bring out nature's dangers. In. This blog will explore some of these Halloween hazards and describe what can be done to keep your pet household safe and festive. The obvious Halloween hazard that nearly everyone has on his or her radar is chocolate. While the mere mention of the word makes me Read more [...]
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Top Tips for Making Home-made Diets for Dogs Using JustFoodForDogs DIY kits

Home-made diets for dogs have become a safe, viable alternative to highly processed kibble thanks to the nutrition team at JustFooForDogs®. In most cases premium pet food is just premium priced pet food. Purina is currently suing Blue Buffalo and the crux of the case is the argument that all kibble is more or less the same - feed grade, highly processed extruded dry dog food that is preserved and put in bags. Purina’s case against Blue Buffalo is essentially, “You are just like us.” The Read more [...]
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