Top Tips for Making Home-made Diets for Dogs Using JustFoodForDogs DIY kits

Home-made diets for dogs have become a safe, viable alternative to highly processed kibble thanks to the nutrition team at JustFooForDogs®. In most cases premium pet food is just premium priced pet food. Purina is currently suing Blue Buffalo and the crux of the case is the argument that all kibble is more or less the same - feed grade, highly processed extruded dry dog food that is preserved and put in bags. Purina’s case against Blue Buffalo is essentially, “You are just like us.” The Read more [...]
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Vet Recommended Dog Food – What Makes us Special at JustFoodForDogs

Dear JFFD Family, Our food is special for many reasons: we use real food and follow updated NRC nutrient profiles and have performed Feeding Trials on our diets.  We have gained the trust and recommendation of many respected board certified specialists and veterinarians across the country.  In contrast, many commercial pet food companies never run trials and use AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles which are less current and most have ignored the role of veterinarians altogether.  They may use Read more [...]
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JFFD Advocates For Your Pets On This 4th of July

JFFD Advocates for your pets on this Fourth of July with an official submission to the FDA on pet feed safety. While many of us spent our Fourth of July at Dog Beach or a dog park, or maybe enjoying a BBQ, our founder, Shawn Buckley, and our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Oscar E. Chavez, were hard at work drafting official comments for submission to the FDA, calling for higher standards in commercial pet food storage and transportation.   Our comments, submitted today at about 4pm, caution Read more [...]
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Food not Feed: Are the Ingredients in Pet “Food” Safe?

This article offers a carefully researched, evidenced-based rationale for why JustFoodForDogs uses only ingredients certified, inspected, and approved by the USDA/FDA for human consumption in its diets.  It is not a gimmick or clever marketing.  It is simply the best legally defined food quality available in the US. Despite the long history of kibble and cans made with feed grade ingredients and used as pet “food”, published, scientific evidence strongly suggests feed grade (animal grade) Read more [...]
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Is Commercial Pet Food Safe?

Now that we share our lives with our dogs, it makes sense that we share our standards of food with them too. We cannot continue to feed them like farm animals because it may be unsafe to do so, and according to the latest FDA video announcement shown below, doing so brings in contamination, toxins, bacteria, illness, and possibly death into our homes. FDA's "Pet Food and Treats in Your Home" Video: Therefore we have two options: 1) stop Read more [...]
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