Is Commercial Pet Food Safe?

Now that we share our lives with our dogs, it makes sense that we share our standards of food with them too. We cannot continue to feed them like farm animals because it may be unsafe to do so, and according to the latest FDA video announcement shown below, doing so brings in contamination, toxins, bacteria, illness, and possibly death into our homes. FDA's "Pet Food and Treats in Your Home" Video: Therefore we have two options: 1) stop Read more [...]
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JustUpdate on Nutrition: Raw Dog Food vs Cooked Dog Food vs Kibble

The Latest Research on Raw vs. Cooked vs. Kibble diets for dogs At JFFD we’ve known for some time that whole foods made with real ingredients can be better than commercially processed kibble in quality, digestibility and bioavailability.  Recent scientific research now seems to support this assessment. Since raw diets are sometimes marketed as fresh or frozen, some of our clients ask us about the difference between us and raw, and why we prefer to lightly cook our food.  JustFoodForDogs makes Read more [...]
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Can dogs eat popcorn?

We know a lot of people wonder “Can my dog eat popcorn?” Can you believe this is among our most frequently asked questions?  The answer is Yes, they can! As long as it’s unsalted, unbuttered, and just a few pieces. Table scraps, food from our table, and similar “people” foods have become demonized over the last few decades by commercial kibble companies that want you to believe that only their products (processed commercial pebbles of “meat” in a bag or can) are safe and nutritious.  Read more [...]
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Introducing The Greatest Dog Treat Ever: Chicken Apple Bark!

Founders aren't supposed to play favorites any more than parents but I can't help myself. We call it The Greatest Dog Treat Ever for good reason! Simple, healthy and incredibly delicious (not to mention affordable), our new Chicken Apple Bark is destined to be an instant classic. Restaurant grade chicken breast certified for human consumption by the USDA, apples from Washington and mint & parsley grown in the USA. And of course all of this prepared and baked by hand in small batches Read more [...]
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Has the food you’ve been feeding your dog ever been tested?

Did you know that pet food can be formulated, sold, and fed to your pets without ever being field-tested or fed to any animals, and that your pet food may be based on old, outdated research?  The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) published nutrient profiles in the early 1990’s and if a pet food manufacturer follows this ‘recipe’ today then they can put a diet on the market without ever testing its effects on live animals. These AAFCO nutrient profiles are roughly based Read more [...]
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